Scottsdale property owners get health care coverage.It’s no secret that paying for health care is a major concern of many Americans. Even when employers cover a portion of the cost, employees’ portions can add up to a sizable chunk of the salary and create financial difficulties. These issues caused Fingerpaint Marketing, Inc. to take a look at how it dealt with employee health care coverage. The company is based in New York but leases a total of 10,000 square feet of commercial Scottsdale property for its western base. Fingerpaint Marketing employs 150 people who live in Scottsdale and the surrounding area and has plans to hire 100 more.

People Who Live in Scottsdale and Work for Fingerpaint Marketing Have Health Care Covered

Company founder Ed Mizen says that giving good benefits to employees is a major value of the company. This is what led to the decision to pay for the entire cost of health care premiums for employees. The total cost is about $1.2 million. Because of the uncertain outlook on health care costs, as well as changing health care laws, the company can’t say just how long it will be able to offer this benefit to employees. The company is committed to trying to find a way, if possible.

To keep up with the expanding market, Fingerpaint Marketing plans to triple or quadruple its offices on Scottsdale property in the near future.