Scottsdale real estate is Kudelski Group headquarters.All who own Scottsdale real estate can be looking for some great new career opportunities, as well as having some new Swiss neighbors, as the corporate headquarters of the Kudelski Group will be moving to Phoenix. This Switzerland based cyber security technology company is adding this Phoenix headquarters to compliment their Swiss location this year. Leaders in the Phoenix metro area are very excited that this deal has come to fruition. Even though they are keeping their Swiss location as well, many high-level executives and support staff will be relocating to the Phoenix area. The Scottsdale real estate market can expect healthy growth, as this company plans to settle in and report financial results in U.S. dollars instead of Swiss Francs in 2017.

Check out Kudelski Group to Find a Job Close to Your Scottsdale Home

This publically traded company (SIX:KUD:S) has leased a large space, just over 130,000 square feet at 5090 N. 40th Street. In addition to the employees who are relocating, the company plans to hire about 130 people. This is a great opportunity for people in this industry who call Scottsdale home, and also great for attracting new people to the area. This new U.S. location is meant to bring Swiss innovation to the U.S. and get their foot in the door. Teams from both Switzerland and the United States will work together and internal transfers between the sites will be encouraged. Get in with this company and it may be a good opportunity to see another part of the world. News like this means healthy economic growth for the Phoenix metro area, something everyone can be excited about.