My Virtual Home Selling Program

This year has been a busy year for everyone selling and buying real estate as homeowners are reevaluating their work from home needs. Whether you are a student, doctor, parent, retiree, or anyone – home life has become so much more for all of us. However, no matter what happens, we all want to have a property that we can call our dream home.

Thanks to 3D camera technology, we can all take advantage of the digital real estate boom that is occurring. It is a fact – people will always want to purchase homes. Knowing people will always buy homes, there needs to be someone who will always want to sell their home in order to meet demand. High-resolution 3D photography is now helping sellers reach more buyers who are looking for their dream homes.  Homes for sale with 3D Matterport imagery offers an experience beyond static images that most often results in homes selling faster and for a higher price.

Wondering Why?

Both buyers and sellers are present in the current market, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19, both cannot always connect as easily as pre-COVID-19. 

Sellers listing their homes often do not want open houses or large groups of people present during showings in their homes.    

Buyers are also finding it hard to find a home due to the low number of active listings and multiple offers on the homes that are listed for sale. Many are asking the question “What home and condo options are available in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, or Fountain Hills?” This causes a complex and stressful cycle that is best solved with an experienced tech-forward Realtor®.

To lift this stress off your shoulders and help you sell or buy a home, we have come up with a solution: My Virtual Selling program and Virtual Tours.

If you are someone looking to sell your house in Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree, Fountain Hills, or the Greater Phoenix area, then keep reading and you will see what we have for you!

Virtual Selling Program

As a Top 1% selling realtor in the Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix area, I have developed a marketing plan and resources to sell your home faster and for more money with my Virtual Selling Programs.

My marketing plan is efficient, professional, and provides quick results. Moreover, your home will be accessible to more buyers across the country while also saving time and effort.

Benefits of the Virtual Selling Program:

Modern real estate problems require modern real estate solutions:

1.     Effortless:

The virtual selling program is a great idea for sellers since it allows more prospective buyers to save time and energy that would normally be spent traveling to different homes.  Everyone is extremely busy these days and hardly getting any time – this is the perfect solution for increased exposure to sell your home!

2.     Increased Exposure:

Have you ever imagined how much money and time buyers spend on travel while looking for their dream home going from one place to the other? Hiring a Realtor who includes virtual selling technology will allow increased exposure to more buyers with an enhanced online viewing experience.

3.     No Time Constraints:

Buyers can check out your properties whenever they wish; the entire digital real estate world is at our fingertips. They can see the house once, twice, and as much as they wish. No more going back home and realizing you do not remember the floor plan of the house if it had a separate dining room or you forget your measuring tape to check the room size.  Your prospective buyers can digitally measure a room, window, or door virtually when utilizing the 3D Matterport technology.

4.     Virtual Walk Through Tour:

Residential homes sales have turned into a 3D digital real estate boom!  Once the house is listed online, buyers will have access to it across the internet and will be able to see it via a virtual walk-through tour. Do you know what that means? Since there is an exceptionally large online audience, more people can become interested in the property listed, which often increases the prices due to higher demand!

Read the step by step guide below to learn how this virtual selling program works:

Step 1: Send an Email

The first step is to send me an email and let me know you have decided it is time to Sell your Home. You should include a thorough description of your home, attach pictures or short videos, and specify if you have made any upgrades or improvements.  Your pictures and videos will help me prepare your complimentary current market analysis.

Step 2: Virtual Meeting

Virtual meetings are easy! Next, there will be a virtual meeting where I will be able to discuss our marketing plan and strategy to Sell Your Home.  

Step 3: Virtual 3D Walk Through Tours and Staging

The best thing is that it will allow the buyers the opportunity to feel like they are in your home, thanks to the state-of-the-art 3D technology incorporated in this program. Buyers will be able to virtually tour your home with Virtual Open Houses and 3D Matterport imagery included with my high-resolution photography. It will allow the buyers to tour your house while they sit at their own homes. Virtual staging will be designed and strategically placed within the photos.  My luxury home staging expertise will help guide the virtual staging, increasing the appeal to buyers in the Arizona home buying market. Doesn't it sound worry-free?

Step 4: Closing 

Listing agreements and sales contracts can be drafted and signed online. 

Step 5: SOLD!

The next thing you know you will be placing a “SOLD” sign in the yard! 

The Virtual Home Selling Program is a game-changer!